Funky Micros

What are cookies?
They are a system that allows websites to store snippets of information for later use.
Why do we use them?
We use them to improve the navigation around the site and know which type of system your using so you get a better feel for your system whether its a desktop or a mobile phone for example.
Can they damages my computer?
The cookies we store are only to aid the navigation and cannot cause any harm in any way.
Are they safe?
Can I remove them?
Yes, you need to go into you browser setting and remove cookies. We have ours set to auto delete after a few hours to help keep your system cleaner.
Do third party users have cookies here too?
We do use third party cookies so we can pass information to google so we can monitor where you can from to get there, how many people looked at it so we can improve our position on the internet.